I am an Organisational Psychologist and accomplished coach, writer and advocate for emerging leaders at all levels.
Leading a team or organisation is what you care about, but it is challenging. The opportunities are out there, but building agile, innovative and creative workplaces requires careful thought and planning. It rarely happens by chance. I have helped many leaders to build their credibility and influence, engage their employees or reinvigorate their style and approach. Talk to me if you want to accelerate your development in any aspect of your leadership.
I provide a range of services to support emerging leaders at all levels. My book, ‘You Can Lead’ (available from Feb 2016) is a comprehensive guide for leaders starting out, as well as established leaders wanting to refresh their approach. I also offer group workshops and coaching, based on the ideas in the book.
I have a strong grasp of contemporary issues in leadership and management. I have presented at many events and facilitated numerous discussions on these topics. Talk to me if you need a lively, interesting and highly informed speaker for your event.
As an executive adviser and coach I offer a mature, experienced and resourceful sounding board. You might want to enhance your leadership skills in a particular area. Or you might be concerned by a people-related problem and need some practical solutions. I can help.
I have advanced qualifications to back up my experience, including a PhD in Organisation Studies. I am currently an Adjunct Professor at Griffith University and have worked across the business, government and academic sectors. I have published extensively and spoken at conferences worldwide.
I help grow leaders who make a difference. Contact me now for an obligation-free discussion about your situation.


"You Can Lead" is available now.

Are you new to leadership and keen to build your credibility and confidence? Do you want to inspire your team and achieve results that make a real difference? Are you ready to reinvigorate your leadership with some new ideas and strategies?
You have stepped up as a leader and you want to shine. But leadership is a juggling act and some of the balls are hard to catch. You have schedules to organise, bosses who want answers, clients to keep happy and meetings to attend. Keeping yourself together and building a great team at the same time is a challenge.
You can lead if you know how. That’s where this book comes in. It is your complete guide to managing people and teams. It is down to earth, easy to read and full of practical ideas you can implement right away.

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After many years honing your professional skills and developing your competence, you have been recognised and rewarded with that coveted promotion. Now you are accountable for the work of others. You have become an instant leader. It is an exciting new chapter in your career and you want to shine.


You hit the ground running but after a short time in your new role you realise that leading people is not at all easy and there are so many unexpected calls on your time. You have schedules to organise, staff who want answers, clients to keep happy, budgets to plan and meetings to attend. With demands coming from above and below you feel sandwiched.


But you remain idealistic. You came into the job filled with ideas and do not want to lose your enthusiasm. However, putting your ideas into practice is not as easy as you had thought. Some senior people are very demanding, the organisation is not as flexible as you would like, you have to make resources stretch a long way and there are many policies to get your head around. Most of the people in your team are great but, even so, hardly anyone does exactly what you want just because you ask them to. As you now realise, leadership is a juggling act and some of the balls are not easy to catch.


Where do you go for help? Most people like you are left to sort things out for themselves. Your own manager may be too busy to share their time and only the fortunate few are offered leadership training. That is where this book comes in. It is your complete guide to managing people and teams. It is written to help you as you start out in your first leadership role at work. You will find it practical, easy to read and illustrated with stories and examples.


In fact, this book contains so much relevant information that if you have been a leader for some time and would like to rethink your approach you too will find it useful. It will refresh your ideas and reinvigorate your leadership.


A noted feature of the book is that it demystifies the idea that to lead you have to have a special personality or ‘look the part’. It explains how anyone can establish their leadership by behaving like a person others choose to follow. There is plenty of advice about connecting with people, building relationships based on trust and influencing others to share your vision and enthusiasm. You will also learn how to manage the stresses and the difficult moments, as well as enjoy the successes with your team.


Another feature of this book is that it highlights the three issues around which effective leaders build their knowledge and capabilities. These are:

  • Focussing individual and team effort
  • Energising and engaging the team
  • Creating a positive social climate


You will learn what each of these involves and the strategies you can use to begin implementing them right away. In addition, you will find detailed advice about what to prioritise during the first 30 days in your new role. Follow this advice and become a leader who is intent on building a team of people who, like you, are engaged, productive and obtain real satisfaction from their work.


Chapter 1focusses on how leaders behave every day as they build their credibility and it explodes some of the myths about leadership. The central message is that good leadership is about your behaviour, not your personality or background. Leadership is unique to each person and youcan find your own niche in your chosen profession.

Chapter 2 looks at the things effective leaders do to harness and focus the energy of their teams. It introduces the three issues (mentioned above) around which you should aim to develop your knowledge and capabilities. It provides enough information to get you started. You will find more detailed guidelines in three of the later chapters.

Chapter 3 highlights the best way to connect with people and build relationships. It also shows you how to use influence and power to increase the team’s capability over time. Less effective styles are described as well. While chapter 2 explains what you should do as a leader, this chapter tells you how to do it.

Chapter 4 begins with the characteristics of teams where high performance is sustained over the longer term, and then gives a realistic assessment of the factors that can get in the way. It alerts you to the challenges ahead and provides advice about how you can meet them.

Chapters 5, 6 and 7 provide more detail in relation to each of the three knowledge and capability issues that were introduced in chapter 2. These chapters explain what you can do, often in step by step format, to manage the most critical functions of your leadership role.

Chapter 8 is full of useful ideas to help develop and grow as a leader. This includes checklists of things to do during the first 30 days in your new role. These ideas are arranged around the three knowledge and capability issues so that you do not miss anything that will help get your leadership off to the best start possible.

You can lead if you know how. That is what this book if for so read on!

  • You Can Lead is essential reading for all who aspire to be leaders in their field. It is informative and practical as well as inspiring. If you are starting out as a leader I highly recommend this book.
    Wendy Holland
    Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney
  • You Can Lead is a timely guide for team leaders seeking to deliver better outcomes to the community. It is full of real-world advice and illustrated with mini case studies and anecdotes that bring the key points to life. It will be a valuable resource for leaders in health management and those teaching about leadership in any field.
    Anneke Fitzgerald
    Professor of Health Management, Griffith University
  • Judith is a knowledgeable and respected expert in the leadership field. She has worked across all sectors and grasps the critical factors driving leadership performance. When a professor her teaching on this topic in the MBA program was relevant and engaging. Those qualities shine through in this excellent book.
    Stan Glaser
    Professor (rtd.) and Principal at Glaser Consulting

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