November 18, 2015

Jim Collins still has the right stuff

What are the makings of great leaders? Do they arrive in the world, nearly packaged, waiting for their moment to shine? Or do they grow steadily, building in confidence and capability, as they make their way through life? My long experience as an organisational psychologist tells me it’s the latter. Our top leaders are made, not born that way. They may show early promise, but need the right mix of opportunity, hard work and coaching to go the full distance. Their talent needs nurturing or we risk losing it. As Jim Collins, co-author of ‘Built to Last’, discovered, organisations that […]
October 30, 2015

37 reasons to end discrimination

This article is not about football. But it is about Adam Goodes and the countless others who face hostility, disapproval and derision in the course of their normal business. So no, it isn’t about football. But it is about the football field and other places of work where people entertain, serve, educate, protect and heal. For Adam Goodes, the football field is no different from the office, hospital, warehouse, café or school where the majority of us work. Too often places of work are not the safe or supportive environments we expect them to be. They harbour behaviours like bullying […]